Past tense Present

I have a hard time writing about, my love, Mariel in the past tense. As she will always be forever present in our lives.

I’ve said somewhere that I have always considered Mariel as my teacher. That’s because she had taught me all I needed to know on how to rear well our daughter, Sam. Mariel was so consistent at motherhood. Because almost every day that we shared in our ten years of togetherness had always a little “lesson” on how best to care for our daughter, as if preparing me to one day take over. You cannot argue with success though. For all the good grades, talents and proper upbringing that came into fruition through our daughter Sam, was actually Mariel working hard on the details.

So that Mariel will always be present when I go to school to see Sam get that “award”. Whenever Sam performs for that coveted musical theater part, whenever I tuck Sam to bed after making sure she gets to wash and brush her teeth. Mariel will be there too, always making sure I’m doing it right.

How am I doing today Mommy?