A Few Laughs for Mariel

Mariel was the one with the real sense of humor in the family. She always found something interesting even in the most banal of situations.

That is why she never missed watching on TV the “infamous” American Idol auditions around this time each year. Even as Simon Cowell’s nasty critiques may have now somewhat lost some of their original edge, she still would have enjoyed the surprising new vocal discoveries and entertaining “flunkers” as well. In fact, we usually would have the time of our lives with our daughter Sam watching this and even making a contest of predicting who would get “in” or not. (And I’d like to share that it was Mariel who normally “wins”. Now you know where Sam really got her musical genes.)

One of this year’s lovable and inspiring flunkers is Renaldo Lapuz, a Reno- based Filipino who got his “fifteen minutes” and wowed most Idol watchers this year with his blend of audacity and unique message. Mariel would have loved watching him over and over on the tube because she always had a soft heart for the underdog and thoroughly enjoyed a good joke if she ever saw one (I’ve told you before that she usually forwarded me text jokes on my mobile phone all the time).I can now imagine Mariel having a rollicking good time at this funny and characteristically Filipino prank.

So enjoy this one tonight as we have a few laughs with our love– Mariel. This one’s from me and Sam, Mommy. We love you.