We Choose To Be Happy

Dearest Mommy,

The night before did not help. It was rainy, gloomy and stressful. After all, what better forebodes the events of when time had stood still, than this, the day you left us for our heavenly home.

September 20, 2007.

Twelve years have passed but still the pain is felt deeply. It was so unexpected and truly tragic. At the center of it all was your precious, little daughter Sam. She was your everything. She was all your hopes and dreams. She was your greatest source of joy and happiness.

So tonight, while Sam and I pray and remember, we choose to talk about the happiest times with you we recall. Sitting on our bed reading a book together, Sundays at Shangri-La mall, playing dress up games with Sam’s dolls. The simple times spent with you were the most memorable. The picture above however for me, was your moment of incandescence. No words can completely describe the feeling you had holding baby Sam in your arms.

Today we remember the happy times. We remember your life with boundless love and gratitude.  You are too beautiful to be ever forgotten.

Love from us,

Bong and Sam


– Sent from my cheap, Android phone 🙂

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