Sam News #2

Sam still misses Mommy badly. That’s why we’re still “refugees” at my sister’s house because she still feels very sad when we make “visits” to our own house. It’s still our comfy old place but kinda feels empty without Mariel. I haven’t changed a single thing since Mariel left us for God’s Garden. Probably wont. Because Mariel has put in so much effort to make it really nice, within our means. In fact, even when she was very sick, she found a way to point out the nicest spot for the piano. Mariel had that designer’s touch.

Sam tells me we will try to move back in around her mother’s birthday- Nov. 6. Can’t really tell if she will feel up to it by then. Should we still somewhat delay the return to Sto. Nino though, I know Mariel will approve. She only wants nothing more but what’s best for her “Chung-Chung”‘s ( as she lovingly calls Sam). Nevertheless, I will make sure we have a special place set for Mariel on that day.

By the way, Sam will have their field demo exercises in school tomorrow- Oct. 23. Every year Mariel and I attended this. Now there will be an empty seat beside me. I know however that Mariel wont miss it for anything. So I’m sure she’ll find a way to watch Sam perform.

We really miss her.

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