Lilac, Purple or Mariel

Pretty in PurplePeople have noticed that the color lilac and its siblings have always caught the eye of Mariel. Yes, you can check out her coffee mug, toothbrush and of course, her wardrobe and you’ll immediately see an obvious theme. Mariel’s well developed fashion sense however, does not preclude all the other lovely colors like pink, orange, red and apple green, all of which she adores too. But, Mariel it seems has a special fondness for this special shade of royalty. My princess loves everything about it. I used to kid her when we go window shopping that she can’t resist any blouse or dress in this color specially when its on sale. My very first gift to her in fact was a purple jewelry box ( without any jewelry, by the way) in that special color. I, of course, promised her to fill up the case with the desired content someday.

Today I remember her purple jewelry box, violet umbrella, lilac mini- electric fan and ube-tinted shades with special fondness and some sadness. My princess has now gone to the great purple paradise in the sky and I fervently wish I still could still add one more lilac- colored something to her collection. But alas, I could now only shed purple tears and hope to meet her as soon as God allows in our lilac garden and purple- themed house in heaven. I love Mariel.

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