Condolences to Rene Saguisag

I heard that former Senator Rene Saguisag lost his wife, Dulce, last night to another senseless vehicular accident. I offer my deepest sympathies and condolences.

Mariel and I used to see them a lot together some years back when we visited my mom’s place in Palanan, Makati City. They usually went to hear Mass in a small church nearby “holding hands”. Mariel used to also say that they indeed looked like a very loving couple,”almost like teen sweethearts”. I know too that Mrs. Saguisag was a cancer survivor, which all the more made what happened so ironic. But such is Life. Sometimes “no preparation, no good-byes, just the loudest silence you can imagine” and then followed by numbing days and nights. I dare not compare my own loss however with the good senator’s. For every loss is unique, every grief so personal. But even so, we all just try to discover some meaning or purpose with each one. Because we refuse to believe that our existence is a random throw of the dice.

I have just started on my own journey of discernment. I expect it to be a bumpy, painful ride. But I owe it to my beloved Mariel to try to know for myself the whys. I know that even then she will be with me. Because she’s now my Angel. Comforting me. Guiding me.

2 thoughts on “Condolences to Rene Saguisag

  1. Sansan Manalili-Salud

    To Saguisag Family:

    I was really shocked to learn the untimely death of MAMA DULCE. Mrs. Saguisag was our MAMA to all Mondragon employees.

    I and my daughter Eunice would like to extend our deepest sympathy and condolence to her love ones. We will be praying for the speedy recovery of Senator Saguisag.

    I know Mama is with the Lord.

    Sansan Manalili-Salud
    Former Mondragon Employee
    New York, USA

  2. I met Rene Saguisag through Diosdado Guytingco, who was the unnamed guerrilla who accompanied Captain Manuel Colayco in liberating Santo Tomas internment camp where my mother, one of the Angels Bata’an and Corregidor, was held prisoner of war. My father was with the first cavalry division that was sent to liberate them and it was through Rene’s retelling of Dading’s story that we met and Rene became one of my friends. He wrote about Dolce and I missed knowing the time when Dolce came to Seattle. The Saguisags and the Guytingcos have been everything dear, and wonderful to me. My prayers are for Rene’s full recovery, for Dolce’s peaceful rest, for their children-that they will find joy comes in the morning, and they may celebrate their mother’s life and through that celebration of joy they will give support to their father. For the others injured in the accident, and for the driver of the truck (and his family) I pray for physical, mental and spiritual recoveries and growth for them all.

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