“Life After Birth” by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Mariel’s passing had made me think more and more about life, and life-after- life. While I believe that Mariel is now in a really special place with the Lord, in moments of weakness, the fragile human part of me still craves for some certainty. Certainty that Mariel is now free from any more fear, any more pain ( as I’ll do anything to “protect” her). That she is finally getting her “reward”, for having given so much of herself to others, especially to me and our daughter, Sam. That one day I will see her again, to embrace and to hold, and share her love through eternity.

I came across this short video piece from Dr. Wayne Dyer which talks about “Life after Birth” or the triumph of spirit over life. I hope it speaks to you too like it did to me, that life-after-life indeed is just a transition to something so wonderful and great. And so beyond any kind of happiness we can ever possibly imagine because of our “limited” point of view.

One thought on ““Life After Birth” by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

  1. Linda

    Thank you for posting this piece about ego and spirit. It expresses so much about the before-life, life, after-life concepts we all so desperately want to believe. The metaphor is not lost even on those of us who do not share the same religious beliefs, as humans seek understanding of the un-understandable, and we take, or create our own understanding out of our life (before, during, after?) experiences. Perhaps those life experiences begin long before we see our mother’s glorious faces. Perhaps we even chose our families. Certainly, if that is the case, Sam chose you and Mariel.

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