For Mariel- Sam plays “Annie”

December 15, 2007 was the red-letter day for Mariel. She had looked forward to seeing Sam perform as Annie in her school community theater (Assumption METTA). Sam was playing “Annie” in Annie the Musical. Unfortunately as most of you already know Mariel had to leave us to join our Lord Jesus in heaven last Sept. 20, 2007.

Sam’s performance last night, more than anything was a tribute to her mommy’s love. For Mariel had brought up Sam to work on her gifts and to share them with others, just as she did. Mariel was a giving person and last night was Sam’s turn to give a little back to her beloved Mommy. I know Mariel would have been very proud and happy to see Sam’s rendition of Annie at Assumption. I know she was with us. I had reserved a seat beside me for her at the theater. As usual, it’s one with the best view. For the best mom in the whole wide world.

We miss you so much Mommy and we love you forever. — Daddy and Sam

10 thoughts on “For Mariel- Sam plays “Annie”

  1. GLV

    Bong, thank you for giving us a glimpse of Sam’s performance. I’d like to shout “more! more!” but I guess “You Tube” sets a time constraint. Can you defy this? How about posting Annie’s “Tomorrow”?
    Nanet, Art and I wanted to see the show but we didn’t know the details of the performance so we totally forgot about it.Anyway, just like in Sam’s previous performances, I can imaging Mariel talking so proudly about Sam the next day. She would have been awed by her daughter’s talent and her usual line would have been ” nagmana yan ke Bong!”
    Please don’t forget to invite us in Sam’s next play, ok!

  2. Joy L

    Congratulations, Sam! I am sure your Mom’s very proud of you. I could almost see her face — all smiles and glowing with love for you.

    Do take care of yourself. May your Guardian Angel always take care of you. May the Lord shower you with His blessings this Christmas and the next year ahead. Merry christmas!

  3. marielsgarden

    Thanks Grace and Joy. You know more than most how Mariel loved Sam. I will make sure all her dreams for Sam will come true. It’s the least I can do for someone who had lived her life almost exclusively for our happiness. She was one of a kind. Thanks again for being her friends who continue to care for her and us.

  4. marielsgarden

    Glad to hear from you again, my dear friend, Doris.

    Yes indeed Sam makes us proud. She is all our happiness and hope embodied.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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  6. i watched this play as my daughter beata was also part of it (orphan #9 as we teased her). i’m so glad alma mentioned this blog yesterday as we hung out waiting for our girls to finish their dance workshop. i ask b a lot about sam and from our graduation rites 2 weeks ago i see that she has carried on what her mom has instilled in her, academic excellence award no less! i will now go on reading your very inspiring blog and i wish you and sam all the best.

    1. Thank you for the very kind words. I remember Beata too, I know she was Sam’s “seatmate” in Grade 2. The kids have grown, and we do hope that they have learned enough from the little life lessons we try to teach them each day. Sam is her mother’s daughter indeed and Mariel deserves the whole credit for having raised her well. These past few years however have not been easy for the both of us without our beacon, but we just try to carry on as best we can for Mariel too.

      Sam and I have decided to go on a great new adventure in Phuket,Thailand this coming school year. We both hope this will help us in our further road to healing. Please let us know too if ever your family takes vacation in the area, we would be very glad to show you around and introduce to you some local, hidden finds. God bless you all and our best wishes specially for Beata.

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