Happy New Year from Mariel and Us

Bong, Mariel and Sam in Baguio 2006

We would not like the year end to pass without saying special thanks from our heart’s heart to everyone who had shared with us this our most difficult journey. Your visiting Mariel’s Garden has given us the strength to carry on living, even as its most precious part has now gone ahead of us to a much better place. To a place of beauty, peace and love which she had so very, very much deserved. We know Mariel is smiling from heaven and that she is thoroughly grateful for all your comfort and kindness.

Our everlasting thanks to our loving relatives and friends who have participated in the blog by sending comments or stories, our Mama Conchita, Alma and Baguie, Toots and Reuel, Mariel Bello (our niece in LA ), Annie Vicente, Ate Gertie and Margie, Joy and Charles Davy, Albert and Susie Borrero, Bob and Monet Santos, Doris Fernando- McLaren, Vincent Dy Buncio, Edsel and Sara Tolentino. Joy Lorico, Grace Villanueva, Hedy Taas, Claire Espina, Wally and Charito Buhay, Felix Santos, Monser, Mana, Malyn, Agie, Jex N., Sue Trout, Annalyn Minerva, Sansan Salud, Michelle Hay and Dr. Sally Headding.

Of course, our deep gratitude to our new blogger friends who have helped us understand the true meaning of unconditional love– Linda of Mysteryoriley, Robert of Price of Love, Writinggb of Writing Grandma’s Book and Fighting Windmills. We wish them all the happiness and peace and hope they continue their good and important work.

A Happy New Year to everyone. With all our love — from Mariel. Bong and Sam.

4 thoughts on “Happy New Year from Mariel and Us

  1. Happy New Year to you too. I’m overwhelmed that you would include me in your list. Thank you. May Mariel’s garden be in full bloom this coming year as you continue to honor her memory through your blog.

  2. marielsgarden

    Hello Fightingwindmills. As you once said nothing really happens purely by accident. I know that we as part of humanity are all connected and that we are meant to serve a higher purpose than just ourselves.

    Wishing you blessings throughout the coming year.

  3. Many thanks to you all. Christmas and the New Year are demanding times, but you have come through it full of grace. That’s no mean achievement, and I take my hat off to you.

    All best wishes from London, and spirits up.

  4. marielsgarden

    Thanks again Robert for your great encouragement. You have have shown us the way. I’m sure Jenny is more than proud of the good work you do for those going through the difficult road called grief.

    Warmest greetings too from Manila in the Philippines.

    Take care,


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