Too Beautiful To Forget


It’s February the month of love. And I’m again starting to get anxious on the expected coming of Valentine’s day. Because I remember it was the special time when Mariel never failed to give me those heartwarming little gifts and thoughtful cards. I will miss them so much. But more on that in my next posts.

Tonight, I just wanted to get it finally off my chest. You see I’ve been noticing “visits” to the blog tapering off a bit. Yes, I get to see everyday how many actually read the blog articles in Mariel’s Garden and I just can’t help but think if people, especially friends and family have started to “forget”Mariel. I know most people have to get on with their lives and do not necessarily live to read about my meanderings. I know too how life’s challenges have oftentimes a way of viscerally demanding urgency and attention. But could this be what I had feared all along? That maybe someday no one will care enough to remember the beautiful, loving and generous person that was Mariel. Please don’t get me wrong. I do not take it against anyone not visiting Mariel’s Garden. But I just had to ask if life could really just be so. When lovely memories of a person, special as she was, will eventually just evaporate in the haze of life’s here and now. I hope not. Because that thought can really be depressing. Or is it just my bad writing?

Nonetheless, I hope to carry on until the ink just simply runs dry or until when I do finally get that “golden ticket” to meet my love once more.

I love you Mariel. And to you all, a peaceful and good night.

8 thoughts on “Too Beautiful To Forget

  1. Hi Bong: Thank you for visiting my site. My best advice to you, based on my experience as a widow of four years, is Mariel will never be forgotten as long as she a memory in your thoughts and your heart. Yes, others get on with the daily living, but they have not forgotten. I found that unless someone has experienced this excruciating loss, (and be glad they have not) it is sometimes difficult for anyone to fully grasp the gaping emptiness, the fears inside, not only that others may forget but that we may forget something special about our loved one. I think you are ahead of the game in that you are journaling about your loss, sharing the person you loved and lost with the world in this blog. You have introduced her to many people who may never have met her. For myself, I found this writing to many times be a painful, but ultimately enriching experience.

    Think of what Mariel is giving you now, as you write your words and touch people in ways you might not even be aware. I have been told me how brave it is to write the words I write about my grief experience, and at first I didn’t understand, but now I would like to tell you the same. You are brave, and loving, and as you write you move forward through your grief a little at a time. Sometimes we fall backward, but in the end, we have really learned just how precious is life and those who have come into our lives. Thus, you are helping others. May you and your family be well. Elaine

  2. Dear Elaine,

    Thank you for passing by Mariel’s Garden. I have been deeply touched by your own journey and draw strength from your triumph over one of life’s most painful challenges. I pray that one day I can like you learn to face life again with both courage and hope, especially for our only daughter Sam. I’ve also learned some very valuable lessons on how your children have dealt with their own sense of loss.

    Thank you for sharing your life through your book. I eagerly await reading more and understanding, that one day I too will get through this darkness.

    God bless you and your children always.

    Kind regards,


  3. Joy Davy

    Dear Bong and Sam,

    So sorry I haven’t been communicating lately. I would have loved to see everybody at the reunion but everything just got too hectic, with all the packing in Jakarta and unpacking once we got here in Bangkok.

    I have not forgotten Mariel nor will I ever, she and I were the closest in the family. I just still feel that the next time I come home, she’ll be there to pick me up from the airport. I miss her terribly and I feel that you must miss her a thousand times more.

    The kids have settled well here and now that I’ve set up the house, I have to get things going for myself. It’s quite difficult to start all over again, especially as one gets older. It just gets too tiring to find new friends again. I guess it’s easier for Charles as he has his job and the kids, their school. Everything’s set up for them, they have the luxury of just choosing and picking which friendships they will pursue. Oh well, I can not complain, this is our way of life…It just feels a little bit better to b… once in a while.

    When are you and Sam coming to Bangkok? Would love for both of you to visit us here.



  4. Dear Joy,

    We’re glad you’ve started to get settled in. Bangkok is such a nice place.Mariel was actually looking forward to visiting you there because we had originally planned to take that trip to Thailand with Sam last December, That’s why I must make that sentimental trip with Samantha sometime if only to honor her mom’s wish (I know too that she will be with us)

    By the way, I know that Mariel had always looked up to you and had spoken fondly of you all the time. She had always said that you were the most beautiful one among the brood and that she also couldn’t wait for your usual trips back home because of the long hours of stories and bonding.

    Thank you for always remembering her and her loving ways. I still also can’t get over the fact that she has gone ahead because she had so much more love to give. I miss her all the time and can’t wait for the day that I can be with her again. But till then I guess she wants me to take good care of Sam. And I will, because I know how much she had meant to her. So now I just try my best to make as many people know what a truly exceptional wife and mother Mariel was and to make sure that she will never be forgotten… ever.

    Give our love too to Charles, Amanda and Sean.

    All the best,


  5. Apple

    Hello, Bong and Sam

    Our loved ones will never be forgotten. They will always stay in our hearts.

    Hope everything is okay with you all.
    Take care.


  6. Thanks Apple for again visiting Mariel’s little garden.. I know it means a lot to her that you’re always there for us.

    We are doing our best to live the life she had always wanted for the both of us. One filled with love and beauty as she had
    made sure when she was with us. We work hard on these to be able to love and honor her.

    We look forward to seeing you all again.

    Take care,

    Bong and Sam

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