The Things We Did Last Summer…

The Summer of ’04 will forever have a special place in my heart. It just started as idle conversations over lunch and before we knew it, we were actually already lining up for visas at the US embassy. We had the time of our lives bringing Sam to Disneyland, meeting old friends and kin and really bonding as a family. Although the trip was quite physically demanding, having covered five states in barely five weeks, Mariel was always there to keep things running hunky- dory. She arranged all our flight connections, ironing and packing while balancing a 20- kilogram bag on her arm. And she never once whined about being inconvenienced, that’s why she ‘s such an angel.

But like most vacations, snapshots get tossed into the bin after one goes back to the business of living. Hey, I’ve always thought I had a lifetime’s worth of more family vacations coming. Of course, now all I have are these photographs and memories to remind myself that I once had with me the world’s perfect traveling companion. We had both wanted to see the world together when we’re “old and grey”. But now I’ll just have to take comfort in the words of a song that said- “the things we did last summer, I’ll remember all winter long.”

Good night my beautiful princess, I promise we will have that nice holiday when we next meet.

4 thoughts on “The Things We Did Last Summer…

  1. What beautiful heart-warming photos – you must treasure them.

    You’ll still see the world together Bong – but you’ll be gazing down from Heaven. And that will be an amazing place to start a vacation from. Keep the Faith …

  2. My thanks again Jan for visiting.

    Yes her memories are all that I treasure now. I’ve have had a bit of progress too as I now can “remember” and not breakdown into tears each time. I still feel very sad and try to “talk” to her whenever I can. I miss her a lot and I just draw strength from her all-enduring love.

    Take care and wishing you all the best always.

  3. writinggb

    Ah, yes, the family vacation. Your post makes me appreciate all the more the trip I took with my son last summer. We traveled 10,000 miles all across America, visiting 22 states. MY husband joined us for the Southwest part, including Disneyland. It was an amazing trip.

    Thanks for reminding us all to appreciate every day the miracles we experience!

  4. Dear Writinggb,

    10,000 miles plus 22 states is very impressive. I know it takes great love and understanding to go through the demands of such a ‘road trip’. Just as amazing perhaps are all the wonderful memories you shared with each other.

    Wishing you and the family many, many more enjoyable vacations together.



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