Make Mommy Proud

I tell Sam to always try to make her Mommy proud with whatever she does. Whether its singing on stage for her musical theater passion or doing school work, I encourage her to simply try to be the best she can be. For that was all that Mommy had wanted for her. That she develops her “gifts” and to have a simple and happy life.

Yesterday, I was asked by her school to be present at Recognition Day because Sam was going to receive a medal for academic excellence. I’m sure Mariel would have been so proud and happy for her “cocotata”. Mariel had the chance to join Sam last year for the same thing even when she was not feeling well already. And I can only take my hat’s off to her for having prepared her daughter well for life. Sam is the all the best things that Mariel was. I’m sure Sam will do well always in everything she puts her heart into. Because she is always striving to make her mom proud.

Sammy, always love and honor your Mommy and remember that she is never more than a heartbeat away.

4 thoughts on “Make Mommy Proud

  1. Sam,
    You have done so well. Both Mommy and Daddy must be so proud of you.

    You are doing a great job – Sam isn’t the only one Mariel willl be feeling proud of right now. It can’t be easy being a lone dad – although I never doubt for a single second that Mariel is watching over you both.

    Blessings to all 3 of you.

  2. rhosie

    hi..i think whatever will Sam will be is both by product of you and mariels love and support for her…much of credit should be given to you both, Mariels for being her first teacher and now you continuing the role of your wife…

  3. Thanks again Rhosie for visiting. Keeping Mariel’s legacy is the very least I can do to honor her loving devotion to our daughter Sam. But it’s not going to be easy to “fill her shoes”.

    Blessings to you too always.

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