Mariel’s Day

Of course, never a day passes that Sam and I do not remember Mariel’s love and cherished memories. But Saturday, September 20 was one we had specially marked to gather friends and loved ones to remember her on the day of her passing a year ago.

We would like to share this one with those of you who may not have had the chance to be with us on that day, but share our love and memory of a truly beautiful person.

We love you always Mariel.

12 thoughts on “Mariel’s Day

  1. I am not quite sure how to start this. But every time I visit this website I get this feeling of sorrow and emptiness that lasts for days. I guess, just like you Bong, I still could not let Mariel go. And to add to that, I still could not accept my Tatay and Mommy have passed away.

    A few days before Sept 20, I started to dream of dead relatives including Mariel, Tatay, and Mommy. These dreams persist until today and I am not quite sure what all of these mean. Could this be a sign that I need to move on?

    Bong-take care of yourself and Samantha. I know what Mariel would say: “Trust in the Lord”

  2. Thank you, Kuya Sonny. I know Mariel wants us all to be happy and to move on. After all it’s not really goodbye but, one day we will be together again.

    But even with that thought it’s never easy because she is so terribly missed. In my case, almost with every breath. Because she has been there for me with every step. She is truly irreplaceable in my life.

    Take care and blessings to you always.

  3. Riza Nielsen

    kuya bong,
    you dont know me but i have been reading your blog since last year. I am going through the same loss that you have because my brother passed away last week due to cancer. He was 30 years old. He fought it for a year and a half.

    our grief is beyond words. and as i prepare for his funeral services on sat pacific time, my feelings of loss and anger are so overwhelming. your inspiring blog has made me believe that grief may be unbearable but it can be endured.

  4. Dear Riza,

    Hang in there. I feel for what you and your brother had gone through and I know too that nothing I try to say at this point will really make the pain of your loss go away. I know your brother was very brave, as you are too, having gone through the battles of the past year . And I know also that he had many, many more dreams for all of you. So I guess a good way of giving back some of the love and further honoring his memory is to perhaps help make some of them still come true. You will know where to start, I promise.

    I’ve been told by many who’ve gone through the same road before that things will get better eventually. And that we will learn to just smile again one day. What I do know right now however is that despite it, life can never be the same again for us. Things change us maybe for a reason and that you will know one day how your brother’s passing may have made you into that better person, as it has made me with Mariel’s.

    I will keep praying for you and your brother that you find the peace you deserve during these times. Please take care and be well always, this is definitely something your brother would have so dearly wanted.

    See you at the garden,


  5. Dearest Bong,

    The photos, and the words, and the love that spills from them is very moving. Hugs to you and Sam. Mariel is a lucky lady indeed to have had your love forever.

    Thinking of you, Jan.

  6. Dear Jan,

    It’s been a year. And although Sam and I are little better, I guess we’re still nowhere near in terms of what most people expect in terms of moving on. Thanks to your great support though, we are slowly working towards that direction.

    Warm regards from Manila and God bless you always.



  7. claire espina

    Dearest Bong and Sam: A year ago I visited the Philippines to be with my brother for his birthday. In that time, I had the opportunity to meet you two at the wake of Mariel upon her sudden passage into the next life. The thought occurred to me the other day that a year has indeed passed since that time.

    I had visited this site intermittently since it was created but the daily events have kept me away for most of the time. However, I keep the two of you in my prayers.

    Sam, I look at your pictures and I feel like I am seeing Mariel when we were in grade school. You have her beautiful face.

    Bong, this November our class is celebrating its 30th anniversary of our high school graduation. I wish Mariel were around to join. Please know we remember her with love and fondness. Take care of yourself and your daughter.

    Los Angeles

  8. I’m so glad that you were able to mark Mariel’s year’s absence with a gathering of love and friendship. I’m sure she is with you yet, even though you miss her terribly…

  9. Thank you Claire. Your friendship has meant much to Mariel. And she has also been always proud of your success.

    Kindly extend again our endless gratitude to all your batchmates on their support through our bereavement as we wish you a happy 3Oth anniversary celebration. Surely Mariel wishes you all too the very best on your awaited reunion.

    And take care and warm regards.

  10. Hi Writinggb,

    Yes we had a wonderful gathering of love and friendship on Mariel’s first anniversary. You were there with us too in prayer.

    My warmest regards to you and the family. Blessings always.


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