Forever Young In My Dreams

Dear Mommy,

I had originally called this new post as “The saddest day of my sad, sad life” but your daughter Sam found it too depressing and wont have it. But indeed it was, because I could not imagine being told that morning of Sept 20 that you had passed away. When I had just kissed your feet the night before and I was asked to leave the ICU so you can get some rest. Add to that too, the most painful task of telling your daughter about your passing when she did not even have an idea that you were at all sick. (Just the thought makes me again shiver. I can still hear her anguish)

I kissed you only at your feet that night because I was afraid to give you germs. I’ve always thought germs and you, even just in the same sentence, were completely incompatible. You were after all, always angelic, pristine white and porcelain-like. Remember how I thought you were somewhat “Imeldific” the first time I saw you at Gourmet Cafe? You were glowing in the mid- afternoon blush while I was fidgeting on my chair staring at the Cappuccino. You were so beautiful then and I felt like I had just won the lottery, but I was trying to act cool and nonchalant about it. Remember also that I had told you, before I actually met you, that I sort of looked like Keanu Reeves? (To everyone, that’s a joke that I’ll reserve for another day).

It’s been three year now. But it feels like three weeks or three days or even three minutes to me. Time has not behaved the same way since. I used to find the work week too long because I’d always looked forward to our weekend trips to the mall. You know, discovering that new exotic restaurant or simply browsing at the “tiangge’ with you made me very happy. I liked shopping with you because you always gave in to my “retail therapy”. I was a spoiled little boy, or did you just love me too much? That’s why I miss you so much now. My days look like endless clones and weekends are not much fun anymore. Except maybe when Sam agrees to go out with me on Saturdays. I dread too, the day when she wouldn’t want to hang out with me anymore or have more time for friends. Where will I go then?

But as I’ve told you a lot, I’ll just do my best to keep busy looking after our daughter. I know she needs more space these days, but also I have to assure her that I’d be there for her anytime she needed me. Well mostly today, it’s still about reviewing for her math quiz. I don’t know someday if it’ ll come to talking about “boys”. Then, I wish you were there to hold her hand when that time comes. I’ll just try to wing it at best for now. Perhaps you can help me with some tips?

I miss you Mommy. There are days I imagine how it’ll be when we meet again. I do look forward to that time, but you keep reminding me of  being here for Sam. I’m quite torn, but I know doing it will make you happy, so I submit. I’ve always imagined too that we will eventually grow old together. And hold hands while taking long trips to the beach, when Sam gets to have a family of her own. But alas it will just be another movie script, waiting for a re-run. I will grow old my love all right. But you, my love, will remain forever young, in my dreams. I hope you will not mind though some silver streaks on my hair, when again we meet. I promise to continue where we left off, when we last talked. I love you so much Mommy, there will always be a void in my heart that can be filled only when we are together again.

Watch over your daughter. Pray for me and never forget how much we love you.

Forever yours,


2 thoughts on “Forever Young In My Dreams

  1. doris

    I think if you had titled this “the saddest day of my sad, sad life” that i wouldn’t have read it at all. I am so sorry for your loss and right at this moment, I can’t imagine myself being in your shoes! [Well, they really are too big for me.]
    It is so easy to tell another that life goes on when a loved one passes away. What about “time heals all wounds”. You have probably heard that a million times these past 3 years.I am sure no one and nothing will comfort you when you are in one of your blue or dark moods. However, you have Sam. Don’t anticipate those events when you will have to take the backseat in what’s important to her at the moment. Instead, seize the day.Live for today.etc. etc.
    Take care,my dear, dear Bong.

  2. Annie

    Dearest Bong,

    When September came this year, I made myself very busy hoping that this month will go quickly. I didn’t want to dwell upon that time three years ago when I learned that I will never see my dearest cousin again. So I tried to push that “black” day to the back of my consciousness. But, alas, today my mouse seemed to just find and clicked on “Mariel’s Garden”. So, here I am… still trying to accept our loss. I think I’m getting there, slowly, but getting there. I always pray to God at night to “help us accept what has happened to Mariel and to bless and guide Bong and Sam as they move forward”. I think if we stop resisting, we will know in our hearts that HE is answering our prayers.

    I tell you as I tell myself “Be Strong”. Mariel is looking down on us from heaven and urging us to be happy. And that it’s okay…

    Hope to see you next year. We are trying to firm up our plans of going home to visit. Will let you know…

    Take care of yourself and Sam. You are always in our thoughts and prayers.

    With love,
    & Zave, Erika, Andrei, Vaughn

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