How’s Sam today?

Mariel and Sam in Baguio

I get queries on how Samantha’s doing much more than people ask me how I’m doing. But that’s ok because, right now really, Sam is all that I need to do. Being with her and caring for her eases somewhat the pain of no longer being with Mariel. I know Mariel approves(present tense) because Sam is everything to her. Everything.

Well today, October 16, Sam is doing her best to catch up with the barrage of missed quizzes and projects. She was absent for about two weeks. But I’m not worried Mariel has prepared her well for such things. Sam like her mom is very thorough with (school)work. Sam too can finally go back tomorrow to her beloved METTA practice (Assumption Musical Theater Program), and thus prepare for their December series of shows. By the way, Sam gets to play Annie in the Annie Musical. You know, ” I love you tomorrow… you’re only a day away”.

Please book early, call 8170757. I’m sure Mariel has already reserved the best seats.

3 thoughts on “How’s Sam today?

  1. joylorico319

    Hi, there Bong and Sam. Just got from an official trip abroad. Last October 16 was the first year anniversary of the Consumer Affairs Group. I was in Budapest, Hungary then but the group celebrated anyway. We had our pre-anniversary celebration before I left last Oct. 11. We went to a KTV joint and sang our hearts out. In all our activities together, I couldn’t help but remember Mariel, always thinking “Mariel, you could have been here with us.” Everytime that there’s a lunch blow-out, we would eat at Mariel’s table and “invite” her to join us. While I was waiting for my plane in Germany, on my way to Hungary, I saw a lady about our age wearing this beautiful purple/lilac trenchcoat and lilac shoes. She looked so beautiful. I smiled and said to myself: “Mariel, you should have seen this. I bet, we could have wanted that coat, too.” I could almost see her beside me and smiling, too.

    Mariel will always be a part of my life for she’s a good, good friend. I will be sharing this site with BSP friends who would also like to share their stories of Mariel. I will soon contribute a short story of our friendship here. ‘Til then…

  2. francesca pius

    Hi Kuya Bong and Sam,your story is a very touching one, but i want you to know that God knows and understand all the pains that you have been through, now i want you to stop grieving and start thanking God that she lived a life knowing God. Start praising God and be very prayerful o.k? i have a story also as similar as yours, 2002 my Loving Father died, He was my best Friend and my Adviser, so when He died i was devastated and felt like going mad also, but one day i look around and i begin to see that God is so Greatful to us because He allowed us to grow up before taking Him, i started praising God and ask God to be our Father here on earth, since that Day, God has always been so Good to us. believe that Jesus Loves you all and He is always with you, Pray, and praise God for her life well spent. Alleluia, it is well with you all in Jesus name Amen.
    Thanks Evang. Francisca Pius

  3. Hi Francesca,

    Thank you for visiting Mariel’s Garden. I truly appreciate you message of God’s love and faithfulness. I must admit that before this happened, I never gave God’s love the space it deserved in my life. Mariel changed all that specially as she laid suffering at the hospital. Even then her faith had never wavered. How can I even think of doing any less as she was the one taking it all in.

    After she went ahead to our heavenly home, please trust we when I say that I know with certainty that she still looms largely in helping and guiding me through life’s challenges. And that she had never stopped praying for me and our daughter Sam. Our Lord God has also shown me that even in the darkest of nights, He is never farther than a whisper away. He lives and cares for me despite my past ingratitude.

    Please drop by the “garden” if you have time as I promise to never tire of sharing Mariel’s great example of a meaningful life spent with love and giving.

    Warm regards,


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