Some Thoughts From Vincent

New Jersey trip

today, i finally get to write my thoughts on the loss of my friend, bong. i was in the process of finishing my first piece around a few weeks after this blog was set up. unfortunately, my stupid finger pressed something that made what i labored for around ten minutes disappear in internet heaven or hell. i guess it was meant to be since it gave me more time to fully appreciate and share with bong the loss of mariel. well, let me begin by saying that mariel has always been the quiet type every time that i met her. and this will often been mistaken by some who do not know her that well as aloof. but then i got to know mariel through bong. he would spend time sharing with me all the wonderful things she was to bong and sam, their wonderfully gifted daughter. bong would almost always relate stories about his loved one that showed another dimension — one of a loving wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend. in the movie, jerry mcguire, tom cruise said the famous line “you complete me”. i guess this would be the best way to express one’s love for his or her soul mate. and now that i see how much of a void mariel has left behind in the life of my friend bong, i realized how much he loved and still loves her. and i am so blessed by the life of mariel who even in the death continue to take care of bong and sam in more ways that one. and i think bong you know what i mean. i am sure the she is your special guardian angel who takes care of the two of you. today is easter sunday and the message in our sunday service is about the two men going to emmaus. and when Jesus joined them, they didn’t recognized him for they were focused on despair and disappointment over the death of Jesus. i guess, at times, bong misses mariel in the physical sense — wanting for her to be with them again. but presence is not the only proof of love. it is when one realizes that a loved one will always be with us — meaning in our hearts and minds — do we get the strength to carry on. i know that bong is still grieving over the loss, but maybe the thought that mariel is and will always be there beside them is more than just comforting…it is so reassuring that the separation is only temporary. and we will all be together with our loved ones in His perfect time…just as we await the coming of our dearest loved one which is Jesus Christ. i apologize if this does not really make so much chronological sense. but one thing i am pretty sure of — it is only mariel that can complete bong. what a lucky and blessed person is my friend bong.

( Written by our friend– Vincent Huang Dy Buncio. please watch his beautiful video tribute to Mariel)

7 thoughts on “Some Thoughts From Vincent

  1. Dear Vince,

    Thanks for the kind words and good wishes. Mariel did complete us. That’why she is missed so much. She is really too beautiful as a person to be ever forgotten.

    Warm regards to your family.

    Take care,


  2. Wally Buhay

    Hi, Bong. Hi, Sam.

    You two must be sound asleep right now.

    Just a short email to greet you two a Happy Easter.

    God bless you two, always.


  3. Dear Wally and Charito,

    Thank you for the Easter greetings. We wish you too all of God’s blessings for the good work you do in His name. Sam and I are doing our best to continue sharing the love that Mariel had given us while she with us.

    We hope to see you both one of these days if the Lord allows to personally thank you for your great love and care .

    Kind regards,

    Bong and Sam

  4. Hi Bong,

    Vincent made a wonderful job of the video – and his letter is a wonderful elegy for Mariel – and a tribute to you too. What a fine friend to have. They do say you can measure the good of a man by his friends – Vincent says it all.

    Blessings to you all.

  5. Hi Jan,

    Sorry for the late response. I just got back from a business trip abroad and did not have the chance to make a proper reply till now.

    Yes, I’m so thankful to all of my friends who have carried me through my life’s greatest challenge. I am forever humbled by their generosity and care.

    Your friend,


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