Sam’s Birthday Highlights

Sam woke up to her “lola’s” (grandma’s) ardent calls to get ready for the small get-together we’ve prepared for her 10th birthday at the at the Lexington Garden Village Clubhouse. In attendance were close friends from the subdivision community and of course, Sam’s newfound playmates. The kids see the pool party as their perfect end to a long, hot summer break as school’s back next week.

Coming all the way from Tarlac City too were Mariel’s sisters, Margie, Gertie and Chinkie, and her nephews and nieces who had wanted to be with Sam on this special day. It was like the good old days again. We missed Mariel but I’ve made sure it was one birthday celebration that would’ve met her stamp of approval. I just have to carry on where she had left off because I know our daughter Sam meant the world to her and that keeping her legacy alive will be another way of pleasing her. And I can only do no less.

We love you Mommy. Sam’s really growing up to be every bit like the fine lady that you were.

9 thoughts on “Sam’s Birthday Highlights



    It must feel difficult and painful to be celebrating a birthday without the physical presence of Mariel – but I think she would love the effort and trouble you all took to make that birthday special.

    These occasions are such milestones aren’t they? Next year it should hopefully feel a little easier – although you’ll miss Mariel’s physical presence just the same.

    You’re doing a grand job of being there for Sam.

  2. Dear Jan,

    Thank you for being a part of our journey. The words of encouragement do mean a lot to us especially that we know how you’ve been through life’s more difficult challenges yourself.

    Thanks too for inspiring us to see your world of beauty and wonder.

    Warmest regards,


  3. Yes Writinggb,we’ve reserved our best smiles for that day. It was one that was special to Sam and even more special for Mariel. Thanks for sharing our joy too.

    Blessings always.

  4. Happy b-day Sam…
    I think wherever her mom now, she will wanted you and sam to continue your life.The journey of your life must not stop, for sure Mariels wants you both to be happy even she’s gone.And im pretty sure she’s smiling above and watching over you and Sam…

  5. Dear Tita Rhosie,

    Thanks you for the birthday wishes. We now go through life forever basking in my Mommy’s love.She is our strength, joy and constant inspiration.

    Please take care always.



  6. hi’re welcome!
    I hope you grown up as loving and caring child…for sure that’s what you’re mom wish you to become…and show you’re love to your Papa..I know your papa get strengths and courage from you…and when you feel sad and you missed you mom just close your eyes, feel your heartbeat.Right there you will feel the presence of your mom…
    And always pray…

  7. doris maclaren

    Hello Bong and Sam,

    Happy Birthday to you Sam. I hope that birthday cake was as yummy as it looked!

    How fast time flies, Bong. Soon, before you know it, Sam will be a teen-ager, then off to university. Time is amazing-it does not stop for anyone. Perhaps, we should just go along and revel in that power of time. Keep on living; we can’t bring back the past as much as we want to sometimes. Then, in your quest to live a full life despite the emptiness you feel because of Mariel’s absence, you complete the meaning of her existence, you complete your life and Sam’s.
    Take care, dear friend. Happy father’s day. See you soon!

  8. Thanks again Doris for the good wishes. Time flies indeed and Sam is growing up fast. Too fast even for me to comprehend sometimes. She has now her own new world of friends, music and ways of doing things.I wish I had Mariel to smoothen out things for me but I guess I just have to try a lot and let Sam be the best person she can be.

    Yes, Sam is all I’ve got now. And I hope that soon I may accept that she is more than enough to complete my life.

    Take care too and hope to see you soon in Manila.

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