Happy Father’s Day from Mariel

I would have been awakened today by Mariel’s gentle kisses and a nice, big box with ribbons and stuff. You see I always looked forward to this day because Mariel had allowed me the complete freedom to wish for anything today. Yes, I was so “spoiled” on Father’s Day. I would have customarily dropped “hints” some days before on what special little thing I might want for today and it had usually “materialized” in gift box on the day. Whether it was some “i”-something-gadget or another useless toy in my collection, Mariel would have taken pains to seek it out. But It was never really about just the gift. It was more like being able to tell me that she cared enough for things that I like and also another chance to say “I love you Daddy“, which was not something she had blurted about easily or took lightly.

But instead I woke to an aching foot because of another “gout attack” today amidst reveries of times passed and things that could have been. Nevertheless Mariel had left me an undated (so I can open it every year) greeting card that even played a tune from the 70s movie, Love Story, on the background. It was another gift. It might even probably deserve a separate post, but for now I’d like to share with you Mariel’s message to me. It was one with quotes from writer Linda E. Knight and it goes like this:

“To My Husband (and Very Best Friend) on Father’s Day.

We share a bond too deep for words and friendship I celebrate every day of the year. It feels so good to know you’re always there for me- listening to my dreams and being interested in my world…

The moments we spend together talking, laughing, and listening have made the years so special and given me a treasured gift of memories I cherish. We’ve been through everything together– pulling for each other and revealing strengths we didn’t even know we had. What really makes our family special is you- your sacrifice and support, understanding and faithfulness, strength and love. Though the years will bring changes, you will always be perfect in my eyes. Though life may bring challenges, you’ll always be first in my heart.

You’re the sunshine of my life, the hero in my world, and I love you very much. Happy Father’s Day, my love.– Mariel ”

Thank you too for always being there for me Mommy. I love you so very much.

10 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day from Mariel

  1. Dear Kuya Sonny,

    Happy Father’s Day too. I spent my day mostly in bed nursing a swollen foot. But it’s ok because I had more time to reflect on life and things. I now believe truly that Mariel had come into my life mainly to help me become a better person. It’s now my turn to show her she has not failed. And I hope to work on it till my own last breath.

    Take care and regards to the family.

    Warm regards,


  2. Annie

    Dearest Bong,

    I still dream of Mar every now and then… and in my dreams she is her usual self — so vibrant and loving. I miss her so much it hurts and I know, at times, I’m still in denial.

    I was putting together photos for Zave’s digital photo frame (my gift for Father’s Day) when I experienced the familiar chest pains again when I think of Mar –I was viewing some photos of when you came over here to visit — our trip to Lake Tahoe and taking the Dixie boat tour and going to the old Virginia City for some ‘wild, wild west’ experience and, of course, getting some ‘night life’ on Reno’s casinos.

    Then, I looked over some more photos, this time, they were our visits to the Philippines two years ago when you brought our family to Baguio City. That was a lot of fun especially for the kids. And that gave Mariel and I a lot of ‘chitchat’ time.

    I thank the Lord that He gave us those times to be together. Indeed, we are very lucky to have known and loved and be loved by Mar.

    Stay strong, Bong, she’s always there beside you.

    Happy Father’s Day to you!

    With love & prayers,

  3. Thank you Jan for the very kind words. I was away for a while on a business trip to Singapore. But even while there I guess I cannot help but miss Mariel and being with Sam.

    Being a father is already tough work. And stepping into Mariel’s shoes is something that almost overwhelms me sometimes. But I need to carry on for her as I know this would please Mariel.

    I really appreciate too your caring and encouragement. This helps me through the fears and regrets of my grieving.

    God bless you.



  4. Wow. That’s such a wonderful message from Mariel, and almost prophetic. Such love. It’s hard, but you’re right that she still expects a lot from you now. Spirits up.

  5. The more I examine the recent events in my life, its as if everything had been laid out in God’s perfect plan and that Mariel had played a major part in it. You have to just trust me that she had done things for me that I can only begin to understand and appreciate now. She remains to be my best friend and guiding light.

    Thanks Robert. Spirits up always too.

  6. Yes Elaine the memories are precious indeed. That’s why I treasure them so much and keep on saying that Mariel was a person too beautiful to be ever be forgotten.

    Thank you and warm regards to you from Manila.

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