Back To The Garden

They say that it’s time to go home when you start to look like your passport photo. I think I might have actually outdone myself. For the past three weeks have not only taken me away from my beloved “garden” but had literally robbed me of all energy to write even a couple of lines. Singapore moves at such a frenetic pace that it allows almost no room for introspection. The city is totally about commerce and completing that ever-present “to-do” list. I’m sure Mariel would have fared better because she was always organized and was unfazed with those corporate skirmishes. I however feel that I may be getting a bit too old for these “games”. And as some would say, “I’d rather go fishing”.

Being away however has made me again review my priorities. Why do I even have to sit staring at my computer in another nameless hotel room toiling on that to-do list. And more than ever, I had come to realize that it is simply all about my Sam. She is after all Mariel’s “life’s work” that I must today dutifully continue. She is all the best things her mother was. She is my life and my only hope. And I now must make sure she gets the best chance at life.

So while I’d really prefer to be somewhere else “fishing”, part of it now is just invariably working on that “list” and of course being away sometimes for Sam. At least I’m sure Mariel is never really far behind.

Good night, Mommy. I’m home.

4 thoughts on “Back To The Garden

  1. Hi Bong,

    Work can do that can’t it? That is leave you exhausted, drained and wondering why the hell you do it. I worked for a corporate company as a senior manager for 10 years. I hated the stress, the expectations they had – the way they treated folk. Then one day I woke up and thought “I just don’t want to do this anymore!” It wasn’t easy giving up the fantastic salary, the kudos that went with the position – and job satisfaction – but I chose a more laid back lifestyle. And I’ve never regretted it. You may do the same yourself one day …

    Take care.

  2. AlbertB

    Good to see you back, Bong, and with a “twist” of perspective: it isn’t so much about missing life without Mariel but “creating” one in Sam.

    See you very soon.

    — AlbertB

  3. Hello Jan,

    Thank you for sharing. I may just come to decide about shedding the “unexamined life” soon than later. I know that I’ll just have a couple more things to do for Sam then perhaps do something to help others who may be facing Mariel’s relatively unknown sickness. After all I’ve come to realize that we are truly just “passing through” and hoping to learn and give back as much as we can in the process.

    Blessings and joy to you always.


  4. Hi Albert,

    Good to see you too again at the garden. Have a thousand stories to tell especially about Singapore, maybe we should have that coffee talk soon.

    Yes, Mariel moves me still to further growth and discovery.

    Take care,


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