We Miss You Mommy

Sam as Hannah Montana
Sam as Hannah Montana

Dear Mommy,

I can’t believe that it’s almost 11 months since you left for God’s garden. I still miss you so much every day. In fact, many times I even half-expect that you’d be there when I get home from the office. And when those “tough days” come too, I wish so much that you’d still be there to listen to my lamentations. I miss having you tell me to take things in stride, with matching hugs and “Daddyyyy” trailing in the most pleasing “decrescendo” tones. Now I am lost in limbo hoping to wake up from some bad dream. But I know only too well that this is for real. And that my life will never be the same again. Or whole again.

Yesterday I had to accompany Sam to Joanna’s 7th Birthday party. I miss your having to dress her up for the “Rockstar” party theme part (Of course Alma and Mama made sure she got her costume). I miss your being there for her for the “Bring Me” game (you and Sammy always won). I miss that big smile from you when Sam had performed that short dance number with her cousins. I miss your coming out in your usual “best-dressed” style. I miss your being with me in “entertaining” the guests. You always knew how to be gracious and make good conversation. Now I just try to sit in a corner and pretend to take photographs. I miss coming home with you after a long day and just watching TV and snuggling on the bed. I miss your “reminding’ me to get up for Sunday mass or service. You know I miss just everything about you.

And I look at our daughter Sam today and I miss you even more. Because she is growing up to be like the fine and beautiful lady that you were/ are. I will miss you still eleven months or eleven years or eleven centuries from now. And I love you still so very much… We miss you Mommy.

With all my love,


4 thoughts on “We Miss You Mommy

  1. Dear Bong,

    Sam is a credit to your ongoing care and Mariel will be so pleased by the way you have coped in this most difficult 11 months of your life. It can’t be easy bringing up your daughter alone and you’re doing a marvelous job of it. Take heart dear friend. And tell Sam that she is beautiful for me, just like her mommy.

    Kind regards.

  2. Dear Jan,

    I can do nothing less for our “baby”, Sam. She is everything we had hoped for. She is simply her mother’s daughter. She sends you her love and good wishes too (she is beside me as I’m typing this).

    Take care always and happy to see you once more in the “garden”.

    Very truly,


  3. Thanks Writinggb, Sam is doing well especially with great support from her cousins and friends. She is again active in musical theater and keeps track of the usual young girl’s role-models– Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato. I’m only too glad she is starting to learn to express more of herself through music and fashion. That’s why I miss having Mariel around during this very important phase of Sam’s growing up years. I guess I’ll just have to “wing it” the best I can.

    Take care and blessings to you always.

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