Thank You Jesus For This Day

I have taken sometime to post something on my friend Bong’s blog because I was still searching for a fitting tribute for Mariel who I’ve known as long as Bong has (or maybe even a few hours earlier). Sometime in November, I finally decided to write an original musical composition for Bong and Mariel, as songwriting is one of my recent discoveries. The song is called Thank You Jesus For This Day and I’m publishing the lyrics and music for your enjoyment. The song is daily reminder to Bong as well as all others who might be reading this blog, that despite all of life’s challenges, we still have a lot to be thankful to Jesus for. So Bong, take a break from your grief and enjoy this song with my God daughter Samantha. I’m sure, that knowing Mariel, she would like to see you smiling and having fun again. God bless bro.

Thank you Jesus for this Day(composed by Ramon Serrano, BCBP- Angeles Outreach)

I When you’re feeling down inside, Keep your faith in Jesus ChristWalk with Him, He’s your guideAnd when trials come your way, Lift your hands to Him and prayThank you Jesus for this day


You are my saviour oh Lord, You give me love, peace and comfortAnd even if I will walk in the dark, I will have no fear because you’re on my sideII Sing with joy unto the Lord, Praise His name and all His worksHe’s with us, hear His wordsEvery second of the day, I will praise you Lord and sayThank you Jesus for this day

Repeat ref

III To the marketplace we speak, Of the best gift we receivedJesus and the Holy SpiritAs we do our part we pray, Father bless and guide our way

(And) Thank you Jesus for this day (3X)

One thought on “Thank You Jesus For This Day

  1. Thanks again pare for this loving tribute to Mariel. I do try to come back to the page whenever I feel low and it really helps get me out of the darkness Take care and God bless you for always being by my side. See you soon.

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