Hooray! School’s Out For Summer.

At Karon Beach, Phuket

I never prayed for the Summer break to come more than any other year.

No, I was not exactly daydreaming about the white sandy beaches, although they are every bit inviting. I was actually ruminating on getting back some part of my life now that I didn’t have to worry, at least for a few months, about doing homeworks and projects and quizzes and unit tests and trimestral exams. You see since Mariel left for God’s garden, I had to take her place with managing Sam’s daily slew of school work. I never really realized how much hard work when into it until now. Mariel had to deal with GCFs, LCMs, running the household along with doing her regular office work at the bank. She was truly one “Superwoman”. And she never once complained. I had a taste of it these past months and almost lost my mind dealing with mixed fractions and parts of the plant. Now I can see why Mariel had looked forward so much to making the yearly trip to Baguio or occasional outing to the beach resort. It was really the only time to get away from it all.

I asked Sam where she’d like to go for some well-earned “rest and recreation” this year. She’s still deciding, but I just can’t wait to idle away some evenings and catch up on those books still left unread. I do cherish my times with my daughter working on assignments but it’s simply that school work takes so much time away from doing the “cooler” stuff in life. I’ve been reading about some nice places to see in Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) Vietnam. Perhaps I can take Sam along with me to check out its wonderfully chaotic markets in my next business “junket”. I know that her Mommy had a chance to see the place many years back when she visited sis Joy Davy who lived there for a while. She told me of its beautifully crafted art and very enterprising people. Perhaps this can be a short sentimental journey for the three of us (for I know Mariel will be with us too like the good old days once again).

So, hooray Mommy, let’s head out for the beaches.

12 thoughts on “Hooray! School’s Out For Summer.

  1. suzy2110

    Thank you for your kind words on my own blog. I am very touched by your blog, and am sorry for your loss. Your outlook is inspiring. Wishing you and your daughter peace.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Suzy. The hurt never really leaves us, we just get a little better living with the pain each day as we do our best to keep honoring the love and memories of our “lost love ones”.

    Wishing you and your family God’s peace and blessings always.

    All the best,


  3. Summer already? That confused me as we’re still slowly coming out of winter. I guess it must be dry season where you are – how does that all run in your part of the world, Bong?

  4. Yes,Robert Summer is upon us in this part of the world. I know it can get a bit disorienting that my nights are your days but as Linda of “mysteryoriley” said once ” Good night, Good Morning, Good day, GOOD MEMORIES.”

    Thank you for bravely sharing the good with the bad. Thank you for showing the way.



    P.S. Summer this year is still an acceptable 88 degrees F. It’s close to the Easter holidays and people will be heading for the beaches in the next few days, or the cooler confines of Baguio City. Wishing you a “joyful” Spring.

  5. Joy Davy

    Hey, why not come out to Bangkok for a while? Amanda and Sean’s school won’t be out until Jume but we’ll all be glad to see both of you again. Maybe go out to Phuket?

  6. doris maclaren

    Hi Bong,
    School’s out already? We just finished our March break and the kids are going back to school tomorrow. I am looking forward to it, but the boys certainly aren’t. However, I know that in a few weeks, I will be longing for the summer break when I can spend endless days with the kids at the lake. However, it is hard to think of summer when we are still surrounded with snow and the temps hover around -1C and 5C. SOON!It has to happen soon. Spring should just be around the corner.

    Take care Bong. Enjoy your summer with Sam.

  7. Hi Joy,

    Sorry, just logged in today, March 19. I was out on a business trip to Malaysia and couldn’t get internet access as we were mostly traveling around the country.(It was my first since…, I had to do this despite my reluctance to leave Sam for a couple of days with “lola”)

    Yes, I’ll talk to her ’bout Bangkok and Phuket. As I said before Mariel was indeed planning a visit to the shopping capital with the three of us for last December. I know we’ll get there sooner than later, God willing.

    Take care and warm regards to Charles, Amanda and Sean.


  8. Hi Doris,

    Thanks for visiting again. School’s out early this year but you know the Summer workshops are not far behind. I know Sam wants to continue developing her theater skills. (Mariel wants that too)

    Missing you here in ‘Pinas, when are you coming for another visit? Sam and I are looking forward to it. We hope it’s soon.

    Take care and all the best to you.


  9. Have a wonderful Summer Bong, and enjoy your lovely daughter’s company.

    Time goes so quickly – before you know it she will be all grown up – and then you’ll find you’d give anything to be able to step back in time and live again the daily “slew”.

    Best wishes.

  10. Dear Jan,

    Time indeed passes so quickly. It’s been 6 months since our love Mariel left for God’s garden. Sam is all I’ve got now and I will bring her up to be the fine and beautiful person her mom was.

    Warm greetings from this part of the world.

    Take care,


  11. doris maclaren

    Hi Bong,
    Whenever I visit Mariel’s garden, I always leave with mixed feelings. For now, sadness still weighs heavy. However, I hope that your midway to nowhere will lean more towards getting there. I can’t tell you where “there” will be, but I just know it’ll be a happier place than where you are now. [Wow, I just confused myself!]
    I would like to speak with you about BKK. Julie, my mom and I are planning to visit there in July and I am not very familiar with the place. We’re not heading for the beaches as my mom’s ‘allergic’ to them, so we want to keep her happy shopping. Where do you suggest we go and stay?

    Keep well.

  12. Dear Doris,

    Nice to hear from you again.

    I’m in Vietnam right now working on a project. It’s a good place to visit too. I will write you a long email re: your Bangkok trip when I return to Manila.

    Yes, midway is a tough place to be. Its too far to turn back, but there really is not enough incentive to move forward. As they say grief is the price of love. It’s one I don’t mind bearing for that chance of having mariel and Sam. The journey’s still far but with your help it gets a little bearable.

    Take care,


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