Lovely Flowers For A Lovely Lady

“Dear God, The journey has been long and hard. Thank you for being with me. There is still more to do. Please stay with me… Amen”   — Marta Felber, Finding Your Way

The week ended with the yearly commemoration of All Saints’ Day. To just about everyone in our largely Christian country, November 1 has always been reserved for the remembrance of lost love ones. It usually meant bringing the most beautiful flowers one can possibly get for them. I had white ones for Mariel because she had told me once before that she had specially liked them for these occasions. The special day however had made a few more thoughts cross my mind. For one, it had reminded me ever so viscerally that in a few days, Mariel’s and my birthday shall be coming. I’m still very much saddened by these expected anniversaries and celebrations, simply because Mariel and I had always given them a lot of importance and seriousness . I know nevertheless that I must do my best to see them in a slightly different light now. As I even try to start new ways of keeping the memories alive. It’s easier said than done though when your loved one’s not there to make it worth celebrating. However, I must strive just the same because I know Mariel would’ve bravely breezed through these times.

(Now I guess I should be working on putting up that nice Christmas tree for Mariel soon.)

6 thoughts on “Lovely Flowers For A Lovely Lady

  1. Her grave site looks beautiful! I love the glow of those candles. I’m thinking of you all, especially as the holiday season approaches. You do so well in keeping the memories alive. I wish you strength and peace.

  2. Thank you fightingwindmills. Always happy to see you at the garden. The Christmas holidays will be upon us soon. I wish that your days will be happy as they are busy

    Take care too, we are doing our best to carry on. Still some way to go but we know Mariel’s never really further than a heartbeat away.

    All the best always.

  3. Annie


    Thank you for loving Mariel so much. You two are truly a match made in heaven. Few people are lucky enough to have this kind of love… you are blessed. It’s so heartwarming to read your innermost feelings about her. I’m sure she is at this moment surrounded with angels… smiling down on you and loving you even more.

    Advance Happy Birthday to my beloved cousin Mariel. And Advance Happy Birthday to her beloved husband Bong.

    With all my love & prayers,

    with Zave & the kids

  4. Dear Annie,

    Thanks too for the good wishes. It is not hard loving Mariel simply because she had given so much of herself without expecting anything in return. She continues to be a big part of my life each day specially now that I must keep on for our beloved daughter Samantha.

    Have a great one too on your birthday next week. Warm regards to Zave and your beautiful children.

    All the best,


  5. Such beautiful flowers in the garden today – Mariel will be smiling. keep up the good work Bong – you are doing a wonderful job with Sam, and anniversaries and coping. Take care dear friend. Thinking of you.

    Warm wishes from Jan.

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