Happy Birthday in Heaven!


Dear Mommy,

Last year, Samantha wrote you a birthday card wishing you a happy first birthday in heaven. Well today would then be your second one there. Actually I’m not sure how they celebrate it over there, if at all, but all I really wish for is that you are truly happy now and that you are always gloriously in the presence of our Lord. I’m sorry though if I still bug you from time to time with my trivial little problems. You know more than anyone that I could never get any rest unless I had shared them with you. (I also miss those reassuring hugs so much.)

I posted too this candid photo of you when Sam was barely a week old because it speaks to me about how much you had loved her– then and now.  I promise to do my best to face life bravely for her sake and shall always strive to take care of her the way you have always wanted. She is growing up so fast and I see more and more of you in her with each passing day. Please try to guide her also whenever you can because there are just some things I was never really good at, like perhaps explaining about “the birds and the bees” thingy.

Mama offered Holy Mass for you today as I make my usual trip to Heritage. We will also have a simple dinner to remember you tonight with Mama, Alma, Baguie and kids. I do hope you can join us then. And always, always remember that we love you so very much, now and forever.

Happy Birthday in Heaven Mommy!

With all my love,


6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday in Heaven!

  1. Dear Bong and Sam,

    I guess on Mariel’s birthday you miss her more than ever. But just close your eyes, take some gentle calm breaths and I’ll bet you can feel her hug you both. Happy Birthday Mariel. Happy remembrances Bong and Sam.

    Hugs from Jan.

  2. Dear Jan,

    We did our best to again remember her love on the day. Aside from the usual flowers she loved we made sure to share her favorite food for dinner with the rest of the family.

    Thank you for your constant and invaluable support.

    Hugs too from both of us. Take care

  3. rhosie

    I know Mariel is smiling up there in heaven, knowing that you remember her birthday…i love the pictures, yes indeed i agree it shows the love and care she has for Sam…Godbless

  4. God bless you too Rhosie. Mariel had given me Sam to never forget how much she loved me. Now I see Sam each day and do my best to tell Mariel how much I love her by caring for our beloved daughter.



  5. Yes her love lives on in our hearts. Thanks for again stopping by. We wish too that each day your life is touched by sunshine and your heart is filled with love.

    All the best to you Writinggb!

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