Spring in December


Too often, life for me this past year had been one of the “challenging” variety. The recent week however has given me something to be hopeful about. For starters, I actually saw a rainbow across the road while driving home from a visit to Heritage Park. It had given me a surge of happiness and hopefulness. Could it have been a sign from Mariel? I’m not sure really but it had me turning up the music of my car stereo and simply enjoying the cool Sunday breeze. Also Samantha had asked me if we can go and watch the “Twilight” movie together. Of course I said yes, especially as it will afford me more bonding time with her. She’s growing up so fast and I know that she is beginning to want more independence. (I just keep reminding her though that I’m always there for her whenever she needs me). Finally, there is this thing with Mariel’s beloved orchids.

Many of you know that Mariel loved flowers. And that she had done her best to keep a small pocket garden at our home even as we did not have the space to maintain a bigger one. And that when she had passed away, I had somehow completely neglected her flower garden because we had moved out of the house for sometime. In fact, the flowers, particularly  the orchids were ultimately reduced to shriveled brown buds because no one was there anymore to tend to them for almost a year. Well, the good news is that my sister Alma had nursed them back to life, having “rescued” them from such a sorry state. It’s been something of a miracle that the dendrobiums have bloomed again (yes, the picture above). Life indeed promises us hope that Mariel now truly lives and thrives in God’s beautiful garden, and that someday we may also learn to smile again.

I know that there will still be more dark clouds ahead.  But today, I just want to relish these rare moments of joy. And as Oprah would say– “Living in the moment brings you a sense of reverence for all of life’s blessings”.

Thank you Mommy for your life of love. We love you always too!

6 thoughts on “Spring in December

  1. Thanks again for the comforting words. Indeed it gives us hope to see Mariel’s beautiful flowers blossom again.

    We hope too that the coming holidays bring you all of God’s joy and peace.

    Take care and happy to see you once more at the garden.

    Warm regards,

    Bong and Sam

  2. Dearest Bong,

    I am here visitng Mariel’s beautiful garden today to wish you and Sam, the happiest Christmas you can both have, now that Mariel is no longer with you on Earth … and to hope your New Year will bloom and blossom with love and hope for your future. I am sure she will be smiling upon you.

    You see the Orchids were “reduced to shriveled brown buds” by your grief and then “nursed back to life” by the kind help from another – just as Mariel would have wanted. There is no doubt that they are deeply symbolic. Don’t you think Mariel want that for you her beloved husband, too? And of course her dear little Sam? So maybe this coming year you will allow yourself to grow again, bloom again, to enjoy life to the full – in the sure knowledge that Mariel would want that for you both.

    Warmest seasonal greetings to Bong and Sam …. I am going to make a very special Christmas wish for you both … enjoy.

    Kindest regards from Jan.

  3. Dearest Jan,

    Thank you for the warm Christmas greetings. Christmas will never the same without our Mariel but friends like you do make it meaningful and special again for us,

    Thanks for your kindness and caring through all these times,your words of comfort encourage us to carry on Mariel’s legacy of love. We wish you too all of God’s blessings and hope that the coming year shall bring you only happiness and peace.

    Warmest regards,

    Bong and Sam

  4. Dear Bong and Sam,

    I am here again on New Year’s Eve to wish you the happiest, healthiest New Year. May 2009 bring you peace of mind, the continued love of family and friends, as much wealth as you need – and enough trust to know that Mariel is looking out for you, as your very own Guardian Angel.

    Blessings to you both … and for Mariel too.

    Warmest regards from Jan.

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